HIGH-TECH: A New Affordable Selfie Drone Is Transforming The Market, Sales Rocket Over Past Month

Written by André Hammilton -> Technology

The most recent Silicon Valley start-up has just launched the latest generation of drones!

Imagine having a mini drone in your pocket with a million ways to use it whenever and wherever you want! You don't need to imagine anymore because it's a reality!

First, there was the standard selfie, then the selfie stick, and now the next generation of selfie has arrived!

No one knows who started the craze, but one day people began taking amazing selfies from insane angles.

There are more and more awesome photos and videos all over social media, and now EVERYONE wants to do it!

Unlike those big (and expensive!) drones you probably already know about, this one is the same size as a smartphone and comes at a better price. This is the first drone made for everyone.

What are we talking about?

We're talking about the new SKYE Drone, a new type of drone that anuone can fly. It's perfect for taking cool selfies!

It was designed by two former engineers from one of the largest brands of drones. They knew that the drones they were making were very expensive, heavy and hard to carry around, so they decided to design an ultra-compact drone without sacrificing the main features of drones.

It's strong, it's easy to control, and it can stream live and record video clips right on your smartphone!

People are using them to take 'cool selfies' - the results are amazing...

How does it work?

We were surprised how easy it was to set up the SKYE Drone. All you need to do is install an application (just scan the QR code from the manual).

Then just plug in the battery, launch the app and connect to your drone. Is that simple! In less than 10 seconds, you'll be ready to fly the SKYE Drone!

And the best part is that flying it is very easy. The controls are clear, simple and very intuitive. Several younger colleagues here at our office tried it and whithin seconds they were flying the SKYE Drone. It was the first time they had ever flown a drone! You'll be amazed at how easy and fluid the controls feel!

Using the integrated ultraHD camera, you can take photos and make amazing videos. Impress your friends with the coolest selfies, creating videos from almost all impossible angles!

See SKYE in action:

Where can I buy it?

Just visit the official website and order your SKYE drone.

This drone is perfect because...

What makes this drone so special?

The main benefits of the SKYE Drone are its portability, ease of use, HD camera, and price.

The SKYE Drone is no bigger than a smartphone. Combined with its folding rotors, you have the most portable drone in the world. It will fit in all pockets or backpacks!

Anyone can fly the SKYE Drone! Its controls are perfectly designed and it has amazing hovering capabilities. You don't have to focus on height, just fly it and enjoy it!

The SKYE Drone obviously comes with a high-quality camera. It's perfect for taking/making amazing photos and videos.

Because operating the drone is so easy, you can focus all your attention on taking stunning pictures. Film nature, friends and even yourself in amazing quality!

We haven't even mentioned that the SKYE Drone is made of ABS plastic, which makes it lighter and more durable, with a longer battery life than other drones on the market.

Conclusion: Is it worth it?

The answer is yes! A high-quality drone for this low price isobviously worth it! Think of all the amazing photos and videos you can get with the SKYE Drone. And just the fun of flying a drone already makes it worth it!


Since the recent increase in interest in the SKYE Drone, the company has been offering a 50% discount + free shipping on all orders placed today.

We also recommend that you take advantage of the very attractive multiple order discounts that SKYE Drone is offering.

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Other user reviews on the SKYE Drone:

  • Charles: Very easy to fly, awesome videos and photos!
  • Mike: Top quality for an affordable price!
  • Kristina: Perfect to take on a trip! It makes fantastic photos and videos
  • David: I wasn't expecting it to be so good! Great device!
  • Brenda: I took it on my honeymoon! I got awesome pictures!
  • Wilson: Perfect for travel! It fits in the pocket
  • Carolina: The perfect tool for an instagrammer!
  • Adam: One of the best and most affordable drones on the market!
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